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MediationWe often are asked if there is a quicker or non-expensive alternative to getting divorced than litigating in court. The answer is yes. If both sides can amicably work through their decisions and challenges, then we highly suggest Mediation.

How Meditation Works

With Mediation, instead of going to court and letting the Judge determine the outcome of the Divorce (which often times doesn’t give you the results you were hoping for), you use a neutral third-party Mediator. Mediators specialize in working with both parties to inform them of the law and get the parties quickly through the process in a non-adversarial manner.

Hiring An Experienced Mediator

Though Mediation is almost always less-expensive, there are many issues to resolve, that one of our experienced Family Law Mediators can help navigate you with, including: Property Division, Child Support & Custody, Spousal Support, etc..

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