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Child Custody and Visitation

Child Custody

While children are entitled to two loving parents, we also know that there are parents out there who are not presently good parents for their children. With the exception of abusive parents, we strive to ensure that each parent is loving and supportive to the children. Court cases involving custody can occur on their own or in combination with Divorce or in combination with DomesticViolence cases.

Our attorneys encourage collaborative parenting whenever possible. Should your spouse require resources to help him/her to become a better parent, we strive to get those parents the resources, therapy, or programs they need to make them the best parents they can be. We also strive to correct behavior that is detrimental to your children such as chemical dependency or alcohol abuse. We can do this by demanding your ex to undergo drug and/or alcohol testing and to refrain from drugs or alcohol while your child(ren) are in your ex’s custody. We create custody and visitation plans tailored to your family and assist you in getting court orders that promote your children's interests. When resolution cannot be had, Judges will determine the time each parent has with the children. A knowledgeable family law attorney can help you get the custody schedule you desire by representing you at court proceedings.

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